Date Electrode Size
Company Standard Used
Country Nipple Preset
Type of steel produced Nipple type
Electrode Dia. tolerance Nipple Size (Dia.X Length)
Electrode length tolerance Nipple TPI
Furnace Details      
Furnace Make Furnace Type
No. of furnaces Nominal Capacity(MT)
Pitch Circle Dia. (mm) Heat Size (MT)
Shell Dia. (mm) Electrode quality used
Transformer   Scrap/Raw Material  
Capacity (MVA) Heavy melting scrap   %
Highest tap Voltage Shredded scrap   %
Rated current (KA) DRI/HBI   %
    Others   %
Melt Aids      
Max Power input (MW) Electrode Joining  
Kwh/ton of steel Electrode Joining process
No. of Burners Joining Device
CO jets Torque applied (kg.M)
Oxygen (NM3/T)    
Burner fuel (NM3/T) Operational Parameters  
Carbon Addition (Kg/T) Arcing Time (min.)
    Melting time (min.)
Regulation   Refining time (min.)
Mechanical Tap to Tap time (min.)
Electcrical No. of Heats/day
    Tapping Temp(0 C)
Electrode Performance   Current Electrode suppliers
Consumption (Kg/T of st.)  
Breakages / month, if any