Quality Policy

We are a customer-oriented organisation where quality is the inspiration and innovation is the way of life.
We believe that the world is our market and therefore competitive quality of our products, response and service is the essence of our being.
We recognise that the involvement of the employees is basic to quality and for continuing growth and improvements.
We involve our suppliers in the continuing programme for quality improvement.
We believe quality can only be obtained in a safe, clean and orderly environment and, therefore, we are committed to these basics in our day-to-day activivity.

Product Quality

Long term association with the raw material suppliers who understand our strict requirements, process monitoring at each stage and individual checking of properties after machining.
Random sampling is done for some tests of destructive nature

Sales/ Marketing Quality

Accurate determination of our customers' requirements, based on furnace conditions & planning, logistics and delivery at the correct time.
We make visits on a regular basis to our customers' works to understand their unique requirements and deliver maximum value.