13.5 MW Tawa HEP (Hydro Electric Power Plant)


HEG Limited.
Tawanagar, District Hoshangabad
M.P. India


Project work started Unit I
Unit II Commissioned Size of the unit Manpower employed Skilled
100 acres 982 57 330 595 26 nos

Highlights of the Project

Completed in a record 22 months & at a cost of around Rs.65 crore (Rs.650 million), against the estimated time of 40 months & cost of Rs.75crore (750 million).
Early & efficient completion possible because of project re-designing by RSWI, Canada.
Optimal scheduling and project monitoring by the Group. 
Low on capital cost & efficient in generation (High PLF).

Technical Highlight

Dam toe and Irrigation canal based project.
Catchment area spread over approximately 6,000 sq. km.
Full Reservoir Level (FRL) is 355.4 m.
Wide head range of 7-21 m and discharge varying from 25-54 cumecs.
Two turbo generators with 6.75 MW rated capacity installed; each unit designed for 20% continuous overload.

Machinery / Equipment

Vertical shaft Kaplan Turbine and its auxiliaries.
11 KV semi umbrella synchronous generator and auxiliaries.
9MVA 11/33 KV generator transformers.
33 KV vacuum circuit breakers.
1 MVA 33 KV/415 V auxiliary transformer.
Fire protection system.
50/10 Ton capacity EOT crane.
110 V DC with battery back up.
AC distribution.
PLCC system.