Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

HEG celebrates yet another year of purpose-driven progress and sustainable growth as its Corporate Social Responsibility. At HEG, we believe that nurturing our world and embracing our surroundings is not just a philosophy but a fundamental part of our identity. As a

company deeply committed to fostering economic and social progress, we have undertaken various initiatives aimed at uplifting communities and driving positive change. From providing essential healthcare and education to underprivileged segments of society to working tirelessly towards poverty alleviation, our efforts are rooted in the belief that inclusive and sustainable development is the pathway to long term

success. With an unwavering focus on environmental responsibility, we are dedicated to implementing eco-friendly and renewable initiatives that safeguard our planet for future generations. Furthermore, we cultivate an inclusive business environment where every stakeholder is valued and empowered to thrive. In this report, we invite you to explore our journey over the past year and the impact we have made as we continue to pursue our mission of creating value for all.

The Akshaya Patra: Sustaining Smiles, Empowering Futures

The inauguration of the Akshaya Patra mega kitchen in Bhopal stands as a testament to HEG’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility. This landmark event was graced by the Honorable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Honorable Minister Sh. Vishwas Sarang and other distinguished dignitaries mark the realization of our flagship CSR project, establishing the first kitchen of its kind in Madhya Pradesh. Dedicated to providing nutritious mid-day meals to nearly 50,000 children across 900 schools in Bhopal and Raisen districts, this initiative underscores our dedication to nurturing the well-being of future generations. By partnering with Akshaya Patra, which now operates 72 kitchens nationwide, covering every state and union territory, we amplify our impact on communities in need.

Recognising the critical link between health, nutrition, and learning capabilities in children, we are steadfast in our commitment to eradicating hunger and promoting holistic development. Evidence underscores the transformative power of mid-day meals in incentivising school attendance, improving concentration, and eliminating classroom hunger. With centralised facilities capable of serving up to 50,000 meals daily, we prioritise the safe handling, preparation, and delivery of food, ensuring the highest quality and hygiene standards. These semi-automated kitchens, operating from a single control point, exemplify our commitment to efficiency and scale in maximising the impact of our school feeding program.

Beneficiary Testimonial

Name : Puja Pal
Age : 11 Years
Class : 6th
School : Govt. High School
Father Name : Shri Karnal Singh Pal
Occupation : Daily Wage Worker

Feedback About Meal- Very tasty food is being sent by Akshay Patra, now we come to school daily, since Akshay Patra is providing food, now I am not bringing tiffin from home, because MDMML sent by Akshay Patra is very good.

Global Vikas Trust: Mitigating Economic Deprivation through Sustainable Agriculture

HEG is honoured to collaborate with Global Vikas Trust (GVT), a nonprofit organisation founded by Mr. Mayank Gandhi in 2016, dedicated to elevating farmer livelihoods and fostering comprehensive development across India. Through strategic initiatives and unwavering commitment, GVT has made a profound impact on the lives of over 21,000 farmers spanning 27 districts in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. By facilitating the transition to horticulture crops through the provision of high-quality subsidised saplings and establishing a supportive ecosystem, GVT has empowered farmers to achieve sustainable growth. Furthermore, GVT’s assistance in creating forward linkages has facilitated market access and enhanced profitability for farmers. Notably, GVT’s endeavors have resulted in the plantation of over 442 lakh trees across Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, symbolising a significant stride towards environmental conservation and agricultural prosperity.

Ashoka University: Strengthening India’s Foundation
HEG proudly extends its support to Ashoka University, a pioneering institution in India’s educational landscape. Established on the ethos of collective public philanthropy, Ashoka University stands as a beacon of academic excellence and inclusive learning. Situated in Sonepat, Delhi NCR, Ashoka is committed to offering the highest caliber of education in liberal arts and sciences and fostering critical thinking and holistic development. With a steadfast emphasis on research and knowledge creation, the university equips deserving students with the tools to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Recognising the importance of accessibility to quality education, Ashoka University provides scholarships to deserving students who aspire to pursue higher education but face financial constraints. Through our partnership with Ashoka, HEG reaffirms its dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a brighter future for generations to come.
HEG’s CSR Impact: Empowering Education through Graphite School

In the heart of Mandideep, Graphite School stands as a beacon of educational excellence and community empowerment, a testament to HEG’s unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Especially, over the past few years, Graphite School’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by strides in academic prowess, infrastructure development, holistic education, community engagement and knowledge upgradation. As we reflect on the highlights of this transformative period, it becomes evident that Graphite School is not merely an educational institution but a catalyst
for positive change in the lives of countless individuals.1. Academic Excellence Under HEG’s CSR umbrella, Graphite School has continuously raised the bar for academic standards. The dedication of students and faculty has resulted in commendable performance across various examinations, reflecting a culture of excellence and a commitment to educational advancement. To the extent that Graphite School is the most sought-after school in the vicinity.2. Infrastructure Development HEG’s substantial investments in infrastructure have reshaped the educational landscape of Mandideep. From state-of-the-art classrooms to well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities, Graphite School now boasts a conducive learning environment that inspires and empowers students to reach their full potential.3. Holistic Development Recognising the importance of holistic education, Graphite School has introduced a myriad of extracurricular activities to nurture well-rounded individuals. From chess tournaments to self-defence training, astronomy clubs, and career counselling sessions, students are encouraged to explore their passions and develop diverse skill sets beyond the confines of traditional academia.4. Enriching Experiences Graphite School goes beyond textbooks, offering students enriching experiences through edutainment trips and field excursions. These outings not only complement classroom learning but also provide invaluable real world exposure, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around them.

Apna Ghar Ashram – A Home for the Homeless

HEG sponsors APNA Ghar, an Ashram nestled in Bhopal, dedicated to extending a compassionate hand to the destitute and homeless. APNA Ghar stands as a beacon of hope for individuals often forgotten and found languishing in harsh conditions on streets, railway stations, and public places. With unwavering dedication, APNA Ghar provides essential support, including accommodation, food, and medical care, addressing the immediate needs of those it rescues with empathy and care. With an expanded capacity to accommodate up to 120 individuals, referred to as Prabhuji, APNA Ghar has become a lifeline for many. Over the past four years, the Ashram has rescued a total of 1500 Prabhuji, with over 150 successfully reunited with their families, a testament to its commitment to holistic care. Currently, APNA Ghar extends its nurturing embrace to 111 Prabhuji, offering them essential support and a haven amidst life’s trials.

Sabhyata Foundation: Preserving Our Rich Heritage
HEG partnered with Sabhyata Foundation, which is entrusted with the upkeep and facility development of several heritage sites in India, including Red Fort, Bhimbetka ancient rock caves, amongst others.