Session on Time Management

We at HEG Limited believe that a continuous developmental effort of employees has the great potential to improve their performance which will subsequently impact our business in a positive way. With prevailing market conditions, where industries are facing tough time in finding right people for the right job, due to talent crunch and skill gaps in the pool available in market. HEG Limited started preparing itself way back, where we focused in managing & developing the existing talent pool of our organization, thru designing Individual Career Progression, implementing various modules of trainings and implementing such Performance Management System which brings transparency and value addition to the system.

Developing the talent and encouraging every employee to reach his full potential is what we do at Learning & Development thru various initiatives:

Training Activities

Every Year HR L&D does a rigorous activity of Identifying & Analyzing the Training needs of Executives & Staff of organization thru various avenues, Performance Appraisal Form, Competency Analysis Exercise, Recommendation for Specific Programme thru Training Needs Identification forms circulated in beginning of the Calendar Year, Feedback on In-plant and Out-Plant Trainings. Based on which annual training Calendar is drafted and executed, where we ensure learning becomes a part of the daily work of employees and integrated in the work processes by the use of informal learning tools and technologies. HEG also puts great emphasis on effective and cost-efficient learning which focuses on increasing business results.

Session on Creativity

Talent Management

Developing the identified asset of the organization, thru well-structured and functioning threetier Talent Management Policy:

Executive Development Programme (EDP)

Managerial Development Programme (MDP)

Leadership Development Programme (LDP).

Where One-to-One Sessions are conducted in light of Competency Based Interviews and existing competencies framework thru which Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are prepared with inputs from their respective HODs, followed by activities which are in rigorous flow.

  • Internal – External training drills,
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions,
  • Presentations and Group Discussions
  • Tie-up with IIMs and premier Management Institutes
  • Half-Yearly Progress Reviews with HODs.

 Succession Planning

All the senior critical plant positions were identified in the past, which thru proper succession planning are being taken care of with our internal talent-groomed thru continuous development activities.

Total Employee Involvement Activities

Our employees at Shop floors are fully engaged in workplace activities thru self and mutual developmental activities properly planned and executed by HR L&D. Quality Circles, Small Group Activities, Suggestion Schemes, and instant rewards have become part and parcel of their life thru participation in internal and external Conventions/Competitions.

Periodic Employee Engagement Surveys are followed by the formulation of corrective plans and their efficacy is closely monitored thru sustained feedback generation.

Training on Material Handling

Quality Circle Activities

Group Discussion