Adequacy in know-how to optimize graphite electrode application

HEG has built its expertise in various services pertaining to graphite electrodes application. With our experts at your service, you would be in an environment of innovative visualization of product application and process improvements. The wide range of exposure of our team ensures solutions and feasible ideas for any sort of problems or challenges you may face related to electrodes and its application. Our vast market penetration has enabled us to deliver products to more than 1000 EAFs/LFs in the world covering more than 40 countries.

Our service coverage

We started with a package of supports to serve our products since decades; we are presently serving not only our products, but also our customer’s business. It is much agreeable to say that our service has endowed our customers with broad solutions and accomplishment over the period of time.

The service packages are tailored to the specific need and conditions at our customers and covers,

  1. Electric Arc Furnace Performance Study & Optimization of Electrode Regulation
  2. Monitoring & Electrode Performance Analysis
  3. Electrode Handling Improvements including suitable handling tools
  4. Scientific method for Electrode Accounting
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Tailor-made Report Designing for Electrodes and EAF
  7. Seminars and Presentations on Global Best practices
  8. Joint Research and Paper presentations in global forum


EAF process improvement & electrode regulation optimization

– Distinctive in Technical Support

Comprising of a team encompassing experiences from Steel Mills and Electrode Making, we have all-embracing knowledge & experience around product and technical service to support in EAF process improvements and optimize the Electrode regulation system for various conditions of operation. Our customized analysis for regulation system effectiveness would serve to resolve abnormality in Electrical or Mechanical systems.

OptiEAF – A state of art system developed to acquire real time electrical data of EAF, analyzes its efficiency using researched theories substantiated by field experiments and derives digital results to maximize the power utilization.


– Focused, Expeditious & Energetic

Over the years, we have shaped various customized tools incorporating the rich knowledge of singled-out professionals and know-how gained from training & experience. The tools that are available at your service are

  • Electrical energy modeling
  • Thermal Energy modeling
  • Indices developed to account Operational factors
  • Electrode Consumption model
  • Electrode Regulation efficiency modeling
  • Power Profiles and Burner profiles