Human Resource Management

HEG operates in an industry where technical competence and expertise is paramount. The company maintains that Human Resources is a key driver of business growth.

The Company’s human capital focus was reinforced through its well-defined people-centric strategy. The Company’s 944-member team combined youthful energy and experience.
The Company’s objective is to address organisational challenges, establish sectoral superiority, innovate effectively and ensure career growth. As a result, the Company’s people initiatives and programmes remain aligned with its business needs.
The Company’s HR team looks into four key areas: attract, develop, engage, and inspire talent

  • Atract the best talent available in the industry.
  • Develop talent by entrusting of roles / responsibilities and honing skills.
  • Engage talent by improving standards and inculcating problem-solving techniques.
  • Inspire talent by embracing the vision and mission of the Company.

The Company continued to implement its training calendar formulated on need-based training and skill development exercises which covered majority of the team. Adhering to the comprehensive talent management programme – the Company provided the necessary platform to every employee for skill development through in-house and external training drills. Career progression of employees was ensured through a transparent performance management system which aimed to fill gaps, hone skills and improve communication.
Employee engagement is deeply embedded in our organisation’s DNA with a keen focus on bringing out the best out of employees – from the shop floor to the top floor. This is because the management is of the firm belief that an engaged employee is not only more productive but his goals are more aligned with the organisational vision.
Quality circle drives, group activities, suggestion schemes are held regularly. In addition, the Company created cross functional teams for implementing challenging strategies and projects. Periodic employee engagement surveys are followed by the formulation of corrective plans and their efficacy is closely monitored through sustained feedback generation. Employees are addressed at multiple forums to keep them abreast of changing business realities and emerging organisational challenges so that the same can be addressed in unison. Industrial relations remained
cordial throughout the year.

Organizational Development

HEG believes that productivity enhancement comes from well-structured and focused training and development programmes. The Company continually endeavours to equip its workforce with the latest tools and techniques to help
them raise their level of efficiency and effectiveness. In 2003, M/S Hewitt Associates were retained by HEG for HR Intervention and initiatives broadly covering Job Evaluation, Performance Measurement, Competency Assessment and Development, Organization Re-structuring and Reward Management. The company has subsequently implemented most of the recommendations and is of the view that each of these initiatives would go a long way in fostering an environment that allows employees to fully utilize their abilities to perform better and to drive the performance of the company.

Fostering a Quality-conscious organisational culture

Quality is not merely limited to being the cornerstone of HEG’s sustainable competitive advantage but is actively sought to be used as a facilitator of business growth. The Company on its part, constantly engages its employees, programmes aimed at ingraining a culture of quality in its workforce. HEG has further extended the quality initiative to its processes via a comprehensive Statistical Process Control System (SPC) based on Six Sigma Tools & Techniques. This has enabled the Company to attain international standards in manufacturing besides enhancing productivity. Moreover, the Company invites global consultants from time to time to seek assistance in its efforts to continuously improve processes.

Performance Metrics and Remuneration

The Company manages a highly-motivated and capable team of employees. Besides, the nature of the business requires that in-house competence and expertise be conserved and developed. As a manifestation of that concept, HEG has outlined a performance management system with the Balanced Score Card as the core. This seeks to not only motivate employees but also attract fresh talent into the fold.

Competency Sustainment

Present-day best practices require that succession planning not be restricted to senior management but also encompass key positions across relevant job categories. HEG as a truly global and modern organisation believes in preparing tomorrow’s leaders today. To that end, the Company has put in place an effective process to sustain a talent pool that can seamlessly handle organisational change at all times.

Industrial Relations

HEG has consistently chosen to engage its unions and labour force while initiating major changes that directly affect them. Furthermore, employees are empowered to bring to the fore issues relevant to them from time to time. The manner of engagement between the management and its workforce over the years has led to the creation of mutual understanding and trust between the two.