12.8 MW Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant


HEG Limited (Sponge Iron Division) Industrial Growth Center, Borai,
P.O. Rasmada Distt. Durg, Chattisgarh, India

Adjacent to Group’s 75,000 TPA Sponge iron producing facility at Durg


March 1997

Highlights of the Project

  • Project completed in a record time of 20 months
  • Excellent design from world-class consultancy.
  • Investment of about Rs. 45 crores.
  • Operating for last four years at continously improving PLF.

Technical Highlight

There are 3 boilers, out of which 2 boilers are of waste heat recovery type of 11.2 TPH steam and 1 FBC boiler of 30 TPH steam at 66kg/cm2 pressure at 485 deg centigrade. The electrical generator is synchronized with the state grid at 33 KV level.

Machinery / Equipment

  • Waste heat recovery boiler- M/s Cethar Vessels Ltd
  • Fluidised Bed Combustion boiler- M/s Cethar Vessels Ltd
  • Turbine Controls-M/s Skoda Energo, Czech Republic
  • Turbine Controls-M/s Triconex Inc, USA
  • Generator Controls-M/s CKD Electronics, Czech Republic
  • Relays- M/s Siemens, Germany